There are two beneficial strands to the National Heroes Day campaign for schools;

  • The curriculum, learning about the difference between true heroism and celebrity status
  • The fun factor!

Many schools choose to link the campaign into their curriculum for the term. It’s a great opportunity to teach and discuss in classrooms and assemblies the concept of a hero, helping children to understand conflicts and war where everyday people train and fight for the country, sometimes sacrificing their own health to save others.

For the very young, many schools just ask the children to find words they associate with a hero, some ask for a short story about their personal hero and why they chose them, other schools embrace the concept over a week period leading up to the main day where they are asking and teaching their pupils to really understand the meaning of a true hero.

Even if you do not wish to link this to the curriculum why not just have a fun day at school with everyone dressing up and raising some much needed funds for Help for Heroes!

Danny Glavin, Primary School Teacher:
“Having held a ‘Heroes Day’ at my own primary school in Hampshire, as well as helping to coordinate events in over 30 other regional schools, I can personally say I was overwhelmed at the success of the concept. Pupils came in dressed as their grandads, proudly displaying old war medals, their mum and dads, police uniforms, construction workers, Bob the Builder, superhero’s…there was even an Albert Einstein! Some of the best was a simple t-shirt with pictures of their family currently serving in the military printed on. Refreshingly, there was hardly a football shirt in sight. Overall there was simply too many variations to mention them all! The pupils proudly enjoyed sharing the information they had discovered about their heroes with the rest of the class – there was such a buzz around the whole school, it was fantastic!”


To date participating schools average a fundraising total of £300 by being involved with this fun and educational campaign. With almost 17,000 primary schools and 4 million primary school children in England along, there is an opportunity to be a part of something really special and contribute to the amazing work of Help for Heroes.