Register for Heroes Day 2014

Although National Heroes Day 2014 is officially 21 October, we anticipate events being held from the Friday before (17th Oct) to the Monday afterwards (and more!).

Registrations for National Heroes Day 2014 are now open!

To register your fundraiser click sign up below and you will be directed to the Help for Heroes website to complete your details. You will be sent an email from Help for Heroes advising they have received your registration, if happy with all information provided a conformation email will follow with your unique event ID number and other important information including how to pay your donations after the event.

Approximately two weeks prior to your fundraiser you will be sent a fundraising pack including collection tins, balloons, bunting and wristbands.

A Help for Heroes volunteer can also attend your event, whether this be to help with your collection or to give a small talk about the Charity, we would be delighted to send a request for you.