Heroes Day 2012

Well, that was that!  Seems to have been a great day for all those who took part, schools were awe inspiring.  below is part of an e-mail I have sent to the Irish Times following their coverage last week…………..:
……… the day, for those who took part, was a complete success and I say this with no knowledge of the amount of money raised. Literally hundreds of organisations, mainly schools and thousands of people took part.  Schools discussed the difference between celebrity and hero, children researched background information on their chosen hero and many of their choices were inspirational.  Yes, there we mothers, father, grandparents soldiers, footballers, firemen, nurses, superheroes  but amongst the many were:  “Nana, who contracted TB many years ago, caught an infection resulting in a crumbling hip and spent 5 years in a body cast, never grumbling once”; “Mum (of a 10 year old), who had a sore throat, that led to a streptococcal infection which led to a double leg amputation”; “An injured first Gulf War veteran who runs a charity to provide assistance dogs to others”; “Grace Darling, who in 1838 at 23 spotted a shipwreck and with her father set off in a rowing boat in rough seas to rescue the 13 survivors  (where did that one come from?)”; and, “a young lad who was so inspired by the innovation of Danny Glavin in coming up with the Heroes Day concept, came dressed as Danny”.
Children who are “known trouble makers” sat still in assemblies as they listened to tales of heroism (in the true sense, not the premiership hat-trick sense), some gave up lunchtimes to complete their work, so enthralled had they become.  Some wrote poetry, so moving, it reduced one to tears.  Every organisation we have spoken to said it was a joy to take part, every school who took part that we have spoken to have committed to next year – so has a Championship football club.
So the UK’s first National Heroes Day, may not have been as “big” as it might, but it has been a success for whoever took part, so to that end next year is already being planned, building on the good and improving the not so good.
So….. looking forward to seeing just what you have donated, whatever it turns out to be that is great  the real message is to think on the true nature of heroism and differentiate against the cult of celebrity.
AND….. Heroes Day 2012 starts the planning stage today!  It will be different, not in the intention but in the organisational sense not least because three volunteers on their own are not able to do it the justice it deserves, so watch this space.  I am sure the “date” remains the same, 21 October as I cannot think of a better date to honour our personal heroes, but as this is a Sunday next year, when you choose to do you bit could be Friday – Monday :)

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